by Brendan deVallance

No Shame, @ The Public
480 Lafayette
New York, NY

January 30, 1993




Look what the cat dragged in. Look into my eyes. The ones in my head. Scamper away to sound of engines running. The sound of eyeballs popping (boing) from the skulls in which they sit. My heart beats for you. The sound of kittens purring. The sound of the rain as it hits the roof. The weather started getting rough and the sound of my voice is not so far away.
I get a hand into things: total array erupts. My Engine Hurts! Water finds its level. The army calls and I answer: Not at home. What would I have done given the chance to dodge the draft for my country? I guess I’ll never really know. But my ententions are written on my sleeve. If I were a small plane in the sky would you shoot at me? I wear button down pants in a no fly zone. And that is the place I’m at home. Asked a question and I blink. Answers are given Jeopardy style: asked. The ‘what are we doing here’ is in my head and the desire for new shoes is in my heart. We are the only creatures on Earth with the ability to reason and also the only ones who desire new shoes. I think some of the other species are just playing dumb. New shoes all around!