P-Form was a Performance art zine that was started to help provide a diologue about Chicago performance art with the rest of the world. We were busy creating great art and we were having a hard time getting the outside world to notice. In the beginning I decided to try to get this off the ground myself and asked my friends and other performers to start writing about performance. But before we got too far along Peter Taub had become the head of Randolph Street Gallery and he was interested in helping put it out. In the end we developed a great relationship with RSG and worked along side them very autonomously. Were were a very dedicated group of people working very hard to get out the issues. It took a lot of work and most all of it was done by volunteers. I would love to have electronic copies of all the issues posted here but it is a bit too much work. I have converted issue No. 12 into a PDF which is large (5.3 MBs) and low on quality. But I think it is enough to read. I'll see if I can get it together enough to digitize more issues . . . . but it is a painstaking process. —Brendan deVallance


P-Form No. 12. Accidents Issue,
February/March 1989

Contains reviews of: Richard House, Wendy Jacob, Laurie Palmer, John Ploof, Individual Countries pieces by Bryan Sanner, Alvaro Melara, Axe St. Orchestra. Linda Montano, Iris Moore & Beth Tanner, Frank Navin, Jeff Ragsdale, Blair Thomas, Milly's Orchid Show, John Haskell, James Grigsby, Paul Sturm, Lisa Gold, Michelle Kranicke, Margret Reynolds, Julie Salk. With writing and other artisitic contributions by Kevin Henry, Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, Gary Indiana, Steve Lafreniere, Kristin Golland, Peter Milliken, Dennis Cooper, Johnny Pixchure, David Sedaris, Kay Rosen, Jacqui Disler, Lynn Martinelli, Rob Wittig, Maggie Doyle, Lionel Bottari, Emily Lozano, Brendan deVallance, Nancy Martell, Michelle Rabkin, Mike Lash, Danny Ray Leopard. Managing Editor: Irene Tsatsos, Cover design by Leslie Bodenstein. Is that enough?

Download PDF of No. 12 (5.3 mb)

      P-Form 24
Managing Editor: Carmela Rago
Brendan, Are You Ready
by Douglas Hoppe
Ecstasy & Enlightenment: Interview with Annie Sprinkle
by Carlela Rago
Embodiment: Sharing our Wounds (Part 1)
by Johannes Birringer

Polish Performance Festival
Goat Island
GG Allin
Lawrence Steger

First of a new large size format: 11 x 17"



P-Form 25
Managing Editor: Carmela Rago
Embodiment: Sharing our Wounds (Part 2)
by Johannes Birringer
Tought Music: Interview with Robbie McCauley
by Craig Hershaw
Space Survey: Gallery 500
by Debra Landau & David Staton
A Couple of Fags sitting around talking: Interview with Tim Miller by Jeff Abell
Let it Foam
by L. M. Stonitsch

Red Moon theater
Tim Miller
Robbie McCauley
Lawrence Steger
Annie Sprinkle
Todd Alcott & Linda Mancini
CH McFarland & Jean Fogel Zee

      P-Form 26, 1992
Managing Editor: Michelle Manes
Performance Video, Rodney King, Algebra Suicide, Sarah Bernhard

Split Britches, Lisa Kron, Nancy Reilly, Diamanda Galas. Lisa Kotin, George Lewis & Douglas Ewart, Karen Finley, Sonics Works Festival



P-Form 34, Winter 1994
Managing Editor: Ken Thompson
Places to Perform in San Francisco by Charles Boone
Absolutely Ron Vawter by Michael Strumm
In Memory of Ron Vawter by Matthew Goulish
Witnesses of Existence by Johannes Birringer
Lousy Dialectic by Maria Troy
Brazilian Video by Mary Zerkel
D-Day Comes to Chicago by Ian Morris

Anna Brown, Mark Bello, Lydia Charaf, Annie Sprinkle, Kiken Chin, Daniel Menche, Jarden del Pilpos, Joe Goode, Dziga Vertov, Fred Curchack & Daniel Stein, Dogtroep, Cilantro, Ego Po, UMO Ensemble,

First of a new size format: 7.5 x 10"